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Community outreach

Faresha Sims, S.R.N.A., Nicolle Struss, S.R.N.A. and Jeff Doyle, S.R.N.A.

Department of Nurse Anesthesia graduate students Faresha Sims, S.R.N.A., Nicolle Struss, S.R.N.A., and Jeff Doyle, S.R.N.A., work with students at the Mary and Francis Youth center S.E.E.D. Camp.

The VCU Simulation Consortium extends its use of simulation to projects that benefit the greater community, both in Richmond and beyond.

The VCU School of Dentistry labs are being used for introductory courses for college and high school students in an effort to expose different populations to the health professions and dentistry.

The Center for Human Simulation and Patient Safety (CHSPS) conducts interactive tours and events for a diverse range of community members, middle and high school students, regional medical center health care providers and international visitors. These groups have included the Boys and Girls Club of Richmond, Project ACEe, Discovery@VCU students, University of Guadalajara, University of Poznan (Poland) and the University of Norway, as well as many VCU School of Medicine alumni. The center works with local and regional medical centers and the VCU Department of Continuing Medical Education as requested to design and implement simulation-based curriculum for health care providers and first responders.

Over the past decade, the Center for Research in Human Simulation in the Department of Nurse Anesthesia has collaborated on projects with organizations like Kids into Health Careers, Jump Rope to Stethoscope, the Mary Mahoney Nursing Camp, VCU Acceleration Program, VCU Summer Academic Enrichment Program, the Cosby High School Health Sciences Exploration Course and the Governor’s School for Life Sciences and Medicine.

The School of Nursing invites Life Evac helicopter flight nurses and paramedics to utilize its Center for Clinical Learning on an annual basis for mandatory difficult airway training and gives tours to high school students who might be interested in health care professions.

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